May 2, 2023




(Kingston, Jamaica) The Derrimon Trading Group (DTL), a Jamaican-owned conglomerate spanning multiple subsidiaries that includes distribution, manufacturing, wholesale and retail outlets, made its debut as an exhibitor at the 2023 staging of the Caribbean’s largest trade show, Expo Jamaica. Hosted by the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA), DTL showcased an array of new and innovative products from its various brands at the Expo’s 48th staging. Brands and subsidiaries on display included Woodcats International, Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances, recently acquired companies Arosa Limited and Spicy Hill Farms along with their owned consumer brand, Delect. 

Providing a loaded experience for patrons, Derrick Cotterell, Group CEO of DTL shared his feelings on the company’s debut. “The JMEA is the premier exposition in the Caribbean so this is naturally where we would want to be. We do have hopes to participate in trade shows in other countries, but seeing as this is our debut as exhibitors, we had to ensure that we premiered in Jamaica. Coming into Expo Jamaica for the very first time as a group, we are excited to be able to interact with our customers as well as to be able to present our wide range of products to potential buyers, who may be familiarizing themselves with our company and brands for the first time. Following this public session we will continue to share our exciting products with customers because we do believe in better, and we want to be a company that makes good wholesome Jamaican products in a very creative way.” 


The Derrimon booths located in the National Arena, included an array of products and samples from Spicy Hill Farms, Arosa and Derrimon’s owned brand – Delect. From the Trelawny-based Spicy Hill Farms patrons sampled their Ram Goat Soup, Spicy Curry Chicken, Spicy Jerk Chicken and they were also treated to samples of the brand’s soon to be launched Cock-o-Noodle soup which contains real chicken meat and flavour and has no MSG or artificial ingredients. Derrimon also used the opportunity to showcase an array of products from their Delect line which ranged from canned goods such as corned beef, mackerel, ackee and callaloo, to fish and meat sauces, flavoured cordials and the fan favourite, the Delect Coconut Milk which only includes coconut meat and water. Since the launch of the Delect brand


in 2014 which started with 5 products, the brand now boasts over 15 products that are available in retail and wholesale outlets island wide. 

Arosa Limited, the most recent company to be acquired under the group and known for being processors of the highest quality meats, had a wide variety of products on display and used the opportunity to introduce patrons to their new Jerk Pork product which will be available to the public later this year. 


The Group also showcased two of their companies in the Indoor Sports Centre, Woodcats International and Caribbean Flavours & Fragrances Ltd. Under the theme, Invite Us Into Your Outdoor Living, Woodcats International Ltd which currently serves 90% of the manufacturing and distribution industry, took second place in recognition for the Expos Best Environmentally Friendly Exhibit/Product. “This is our first time at Expo, and it has been a tremendous experience for us. To be a first-time entrant and winning an award it is really the icing on the cake. And this is a special award for us considering that being environmentally friendly and sustainable is currently one of our main drivers,” explained Peter Douglas, General Manager at Woodcats International. The company premiered its newest product under the Summerland brand, Black Mulch. The booth consisted of Summerland’s black and red mulch, natural mulch, trinket boxes, wine holders, customized plant boxes, orchid boxes, and wooden pallets. 

Caribbean Flavours and Fragrances (CFF) presented on the main stage with their “Build A Drink Improve Yuh Ting” during the Jamaica To Di Worl presentation, where they showed patrons how to create a Full Sugar Orange Drink. CFF also introduced The Flavours and Fragrances Lab which catered to features of the sensory system providing an experience encapsulating smell, hearing and taste. Using Virtual Reality, CFF created a simulated experience of computer-generated visuals enabling users to interact with new and existing scents. Buyers and consumers were also able to interact with the traditional tester and sample flavours manufactured and distributed by the DTL subsidiary. 

“We had many different products on display and available at our 5 booths. We created various samples of these products to show patrons the unique ways in which they could be prepared and enjoyed. We also launched our Delect coconut milk powder and coconut milk, which has no preservatives and is also non-dairy, so we’re talking about a 100% clean product. It includes more coconut than any other product on the market. There is also Cock-O-Noodle Soup under the Spicy Hill Farms brand which is flavoured with some scotch bonnet pepper. Like the Delect coconut products, Spicy Hill also has products with no MSG or artificial flavourings. I am really very happy with the products we are presenting, and we are very happy to be here. I want to say a big thanks to the entire team for the excellent presentation they have made,” expressed Cottrell. 

About Derrimon Trading Company Limited

Derrimon Trading Company Limited is a major distributor of consumer goods to the Jamaican market since 1998 with principal operations located at 235 Marcus Garvey Drive, Kingston 11; The company also operates the Sampars Cash & Carry and Select Grocers retail locations, with controlling interests in Caribbean Flavours & Fragrances and Woodcats International. Derrimon’s extensive portfolio also includes New York businesses such as Food Savers NY Inc. and Good Foods For Less LLC NY and recently acquired Spicy Hill Farms, in addition to logistics support, warehouse storage rental, and cold storage facilities. Their extensive distribution network and online shopping ensures effective engagement between supermarkets, wholesalers, grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores and food service channels.