September 6, 2022



(Kingston, Jamaica) Self Reliance Youth Development Organisation, along with their primary sponsors Sampars Cash & Carry Limited (a company under the Derrimon Trading Company Group) recently held their annual awards ceremony. The organisation was founded on the importance of education and the impact that this will have on the success of one’s future and the development of their country. In support of this mandate, through its programmes, the organisation ensures the progress of students and the provision of home and community support. The awards ceremony represents an ongoing celebration of the creation of educational opportunities for students who otherwise would not have been able to access such a crucial opportunity.
The Self Reliance Youth Development Organisation serves families within and outside of the corporate area, specifically those in Sampars’ surrounding communities. This year’s contributions total a sum of JMD$500,000.00 being handed over to participating students. The organisation’s president, Wilbert Edwards, shared, “We support children but more specifically parents. The aim is always to help to reduce the financial burdens of the parents, so that they can otherwise support their children’s success and be fully present without the worry of making financial ends meet.”

General Manager of Sampars, Craig Robinson shared “We believe that giving students an educational opportunity makes a difference. There are a lot of talented young people in Jamaica, but they may not have the access to school for one reason or another. We are trying to help bridge the gap, for those students in surrounding communities. We love our country and our people and what better way to ensure the continued success of our nation than by playing our part in helping our young people to grow and thrive.”

The programme specifically targets those who are considered ‘dropouts’ at the secondary level. It also functions as an avenue to a better quality of life and an encouragement to all bursary recipients – to be model students to their peers and to further this influence by becoming productive citizens of Jamaica. Ashawni Edwards, recipient and final year student at The University of Technology shares “It was the step I needed to break through the glass ceiling. Being able to focus on being a student, not having to worry about money and finances and allowing me to really work towards my academic goals. A well-needed and well-appreciated helping hand which has helped me believe I can achieve my dream career path.”

Thirty-three students were awarded at the ceremony. They are a testament to the value of a secure and consistent education and proof that it can provide genuine relief and enjoyment and really increase the standard of living for these young people and their families. Students of the organisation, present and past, have and will continue to be afforded the opportunity and the support necessary to see their education careers through to completion and beyond, with the fundamental belief that education is the foundation on which social mobility and economic advancement can be acheived.

Chief Financial Officer of Derrimon Trading, Ian Kelly, shared, “At Derrimon, we believe in the impact that continuous growth and education can have on any society, and as active contributors to our community and its environs we are delighted that Sampars is able continue this tradition started by “Mr. Sam” to provide support to these talented primary and tertiary students within the Marcus Garvey Drive communities. ”

About Derrimon Trading Company Limited

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Derrimon Trading Company Limited wishes to advise that subsequent to our initial notice of Annual General Meeting there has been a change in the meeting date. Our Annual General Meeting has been changed from Wednesday, September 27, 2023 to Monday, September 18, 2023.